Online Spanish for Children

live spanish classes for kids and youth

Online Spanish classes are perfect for children and youth of all ages

Taking Spanish classes online is the perfect way for children to develop their language skills. Our teachers are expert at working with children and youth, and have at their disposal a wealth of learning materials to keep classes engaging and fun.

Below we list the advantages for children studying Spanish online with Fluento.

  • 01
    Children adapt easily to the online learning environment

    Children today grow up in an electronic world and readily accept contact with a teacher online.

  • 02
    Online learning materials

    There exist many websites offering games and activities in Spanish that the teacher can use to keep the class engaging. Children are especially adept at combining these activities with interaction with their teacher.

  • 03
    One-on-one instruction

    Having regular interaction with a live teacher becomes something for a child to look forward to, and the regular immersion in Spanish makes it more natural for them to communicate in Spanish.

  • 04
    Live classes supplement regular school Spanish

    Most elementary and high school Spanish lessons focus on developing the grammar and vocabulary, with almost no time spent on learning to communicate. With a regular interaction with a live Spanish teacher, children lose their inhibitions and gain confidence in expressing themselves in Spanish ahead of their peers.

  • 05
    Native Spanish speaking teachers

    All our teachers are native Spanish speakers from Latin America, from countries where the accent is clear and easy to understand. Thus children taking classes with Fluento learn from natural Spanish speakers.

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