Online Spanish Lessons FAQ's

Below you can find answers to the most common questions about online Spanish classes with Fluento

  • 1
    Can I choose my own teacher?

    Yes! Our online booking system displays a list of teachers with their available hours each day. You can select any teacher, and you can change teachers whenever you like.

  • 2
    Can I cancel or change a class that I have booked?

    Yes! Our policy is that you can cancel the class at least 24 hours ahead of time without losing a credit. You can also postpone the class and rebook it for another time. With the potential time difference between the student and the teacher we have to give sufficient time for the teacher to learn that the class has been cancelled. He or she may be sleeping or offline for 8-12 hours!

  • 3
    Do I need to speak English to be able to take a class?

    No. It is not necessary to speak any English to begin your Spanish classes. Our teachers can start teaching students who speak no English or Spanish. Their tendency is to only use English, or French or German if they speak a little of these languages, as a last resort. The longer you study the less you will need to use any other language!

  • 4
    Do you provide all the learning materials?

    Yes. Our teachers have a collection of electronic materials that they can share with the student. We are adding to these materials all the time.

  • 5
    What is the legal format of Fluento?

    Fluento is a registered limited company in Great Britain, owned by another registered limited company -oYe Spanish.

  • 6
    What makes Fluento better than other online Spanish schools?

    We have an academic coordinator who works with our teachers to implement the best methods based on a well-defined methodology. We also keep in close contact with all our teachers so that we can make sure that they are maintaining their professional standards. Part of this process involves ensuring that they keep sufficiently detailed notes on each student's progress so that if there is a change of teacher the new teacher can review the student's past work.

  • 7
    How many students has Fluento taught?

    Since launching the website in 2009 we have taught more than 1300 students, more than 18,000 hours of classes!

  • 8
    Can I work with my own textbook?

    Yes! We can recommend texts to use for your online Spanish classes. You can purchase the textbook new or used and work through it with your teacher.

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