Terms and Conditions for Fluento Spanish Online Classes

Terms and Conditions

Here are the general terms and conditions for taking online Spanish classes with Fluento.

  • 01
    Free trial class

    New students can take a free trial class by signing up on this website. Only one free trial class is permitted per new student.

  • 02
    Pre-payment for classes

    Payment for classes and courses must be made before the class or course is started. Students can choose from the various payment options offered - number of pre-paid classes, type of course, etc.

  • 03
    Scheduling of classes

    Students can set their own class schedule according to the availability of teachers. We cannot guarantee to have teachers available all hours of the day on any particular day, but we will do our best to find a teacher for any particular day and time slot.

  • 04
    Withdrawal from classes

    If a student decides for whatever reason to discontinue their studies we will refund the price of the remaining classes minus a 15% fee for transfer charges and administration.

  • 05
    Cancellation of classes

    If a student needs to cancel a class for whatever reason he/she must inform us or the teacher by email at least 24 hours before the scheduled class in order to be able to reschedule the class without penalty.
    Failure to give at least 24 hours warning will result in the class being charged as normal. If more than 24 hours warning is given the class may be rescheduled at the student's convenience.
    Please bear in mind that with time differences your teacher may be off duty or asleep for a period of 8-12 hours each day. For this reason we require 24 hours to be able to cancel the class.

  • 06
    Lateness or non-arrival for class

    The teacher will wait for 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for the student to connect to begin the class. If the student fails to connect within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time the teacher may disconnect and the student will forfeit the class. If the student connects within the first 15 minutes of class no extra time will be allotted at the end to make up for the student's lateness.

  • 07
    Duration of classes

    Classes are 50 minutes long, allowing the teacher 5 minutes of time at the end to maintain records and assign homework. Hour-long classes are thus understood to consist of 50 minutes of live interaction with the teacher, and 5 minutes for the administration of the class.

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