Skype Video Conferencing for Fluento Students

Setting up Skype

setting up your PC for online language classes with skype or google hangouts

How to get set up using Skype or any other VOIP for your Spanish class.

While Skype is the most common method for online Spanish classes you can also use Google Hangouts or any other cross-platform VOIP system.

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Step 1

Download and Install Skype for your operating system.

To download Skype for Windows, Mac or Linux Click here. Follow the instructions for your operating system.

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Step 2

Built in microphone and speakers or headphones?.

Depending on your computer setup you may decide to go with the built in microphone and speakers of your laptop, tablet or smart phone, or you can use a pair of headphones with built in microphone. Generally the sound quality is better with headphones which can improve your performance in the class.

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Step 3

Make a test call

Skype has a test call function through which you can make a call, record your voice and hear it played back to you in order to make sure everything is working. We recommend always making a test call before your class, at least for the first few classes, so you can be sure not to waste any time trying to figure out why you cannot hear or be heard by your teacher.

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