How to Schedule an Online Spanish Class with Fluento

How to reserve your online Spanish lessons

Follow these simple steps to begin reserving your online Spanish classes with Fluento.

  • 1stStep
    Sign in to the TimelyBooking system

    If you are a new student then you can click here to register for a free trial class. If you are already registered you can log in to the TimelyBooking system here.

  • 2ndStep
    Make sure you have at least one credit

    Once logged in you will see how many credits you have displayed at the top of the screen. If you need to purchase more credits you can click on the "Buy Credits" tab. You can pay by credit/debit card or via Paypal, purchasing 1, 5, 10, 20 or 40 credits.

  • 3rdStep
    Click on the "Calendar" tab

    Once you click on the Calender tab you will see a list of the teachers and the time slots that they have available each day. Click on the day you would like to have your class and choose from the available slots by clicking on the green cell.

  • 4thStep
    Confirm your class

    A new dialog box will open up asking you to confirm the booking. Click "Confirm" and the class is reserved! That is all there is to it. You will receive a reminder email before the class. You can set how many hours before the class that you would like to receive the email on your profile page.

  • 5thStep
    If you don't see a suitable day and time

    If there is no suitable day or time available for your online Spanish class please email us so that we can ask the teachers to extend their hours. Sometimes teachers forget to add more hours as the days advance!

  • 6thStep
    Your teacher will contact you

    The first time you take a class with a new teacher, he/she will send you a Skype invite before the class. Accept this invitation and he/she will call you at the start time of the class.

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