How Do Online Spanish Classes Work?

How Does It All Work?

Learning Spanish at home online via Skype

Learning Spanish online with your personal live teacher is the most efficient and effective way to master the Spanish language!

Better than learning from a text book on your own or attending local group classes, and cheaper than visiting a Spanish-speaking country to take classes there, Fluento's online classes with native Spanish speakers offer the best and most economical option for developing your new language skills, for study, work or pleasure.
Our teachers will guide you through the process of learning to communicate in Spanish, whether you are a total beginner, speak a little or are already quite proficient.

Below you will learn what to expect from your online Spanish classes with Fluento.

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    Control your own schedule

    Through our online class booking system you can log in and reserve classes with any teacher at any available time slot. The system offers complete flexibility for arranging your class schedule around your other obligations and activities.

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    Spanish classes for all ends

    Our online Spanish classes are perfect for introductory courses, refreshers, additions to your academic Spanish courses, preparation for vacations, professional development, grammar instruction, conversation and communication development, and learning Spanish just for fun!

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    One-on-one instruction

    Having your own live teacher offers an unparalleled opportunity to improve your Spanish skills. Your teacher will focus on your learning style and goals and develop a plan to move you forward. Regular online Spanish classes offer the most economical and productive way to master the Spanish language.

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    Courses for all levels of students

    Whether you are an absolute beginner or a career Spanish teacher looking to perfect your Spanish, our teachers can help you to reach your learning goals.

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    Native Spanish speaking teachers

    All our teachers are native Spanish speakers from Latin America, from countries where the accent is clear and easy to understand. A clear Spanish accent facilitates your learning and forms a good base for later adapting to any accent in any Spanish-speaking country that you visit, from Spain to Argentina to Cuba.

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    Learn about Latin and Spanish culture

    Our teachers are all well versed in many aspects of Spanish and Latin culture, history, politics and society. You can enjoy learning about any particular theme that interests you while you take your Spanish classes.

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    Free trial class with no obligation!

    If you are still not convinced then register for a free trial Spanish class with absolutely no obligation. No credit card is required. Try it out and learn what our online Spanish classes can do for you!

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