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Learn Spanish online with Fluento!

There is nothing to beat learning Spanish online with a live teacher, whether you are a younger student taking Spanish classes at high school or university, or a professional who needs to communicate well in Spanish, or a retired person learning the language for travel or pleasure.
Taking classes for one or more hours per week can dramatically improve your ability to speak and understand the Spanish language.
At Fluento we use a variety of materials and resources to create engaging and stimulating classes. Your teacher will create a tailored lesson plan for you based on your own learning goals.

Click on the menu options above to explore the site. Register for a free trial class with no obligation when you are ready, and learn how Fluento can help you develop your Spanish langauge abilities.

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Methodology for online language tuition and e-learning courses

Our Methodology

At Fluento, our teachers are prepared in "Communication Methodology" as promoted by the Instituto Cervantes of Spain. The primary motive of the student is understood as the need or desire to learn to communicate effectively from the start.
Thus, classes are focused on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, with grammar being introduced to support those activities, and not as an end in itself. In this way, our students gain confidence quickly lose their inhibition about speaking another language.

A professional Spanish teacher offering online courses and internet classes

Featured Teacher

Pablo has a degree in Applied Linguistics in English , and an ESPE Teaching Spanish Course provided by IE International as well as a Master's in Theology. He has been teaching Spanish in Quito for 25 years. He has worked with children for online classes from as young as 9, but is comfortable with students of all ages.

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