How does E-Learning with a Spanish instructor work?

Via Skype you will be able to talk live and directly with our experienced and motivated Spanish instructors from South America (Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia, and more). Take advantage of the most effective language-learning techniques with our native Spanish-speaking teachers to either improve your Spanish or to begin learning it. The lessons are individually tailored to the student’s needs and abilities, so you’ll have no trouble finding the level right for you.

To get to know a teacher and see how all this works, try taking a 45-minute trial lesson for free. If you’re satisfied at the end of this lesson, it’s easy to sign up for more. The lessons themselves are great as introductory courses, refreshers, crash courses (before you go on vacation, for example), conversation classes, or as an opportunity to study in depth any grammatical or more nuanced aspects of Spanish. And if you liked the teacher you had for the trial lesson, it’ll be no problem to keep him or her for the whole time!

Advantages to Learning Spanish through Our Online Lessons

  • Allow you to make your own learning and lesson schedule
  • Give one-on-one instruction, ensuring fast improvement in your Spanish
  • Are designed for both beginning and advanced students
  • Offer low, affordable prices by saving on office and administrative costs
  • Save you time and money by eliminating the need to travel to and from the school
  • Provide interesting topics and “authentic” lessons taught by native speakers from their home countries
  • Can easily be ordered online